Public Toilet Cleaning

How we do it

Here’s how we clean public toilets/bathrooms

Commercial machines such a steamers, vacuums and floor machines are prioritised in our cleaning approach to these areas. Eco-friendly cleaning products are also used in the cleaning process. Machines are emphasised in the cleaning process, for the following :

Steamers – They get in between grouting of tiles, around taps of sinks, toilets of cubicles, all hard to reach places. Any mould/limescale is removed. A steamer is effective at either restoring or maintaining the quality of the toilet/bathroom. The entire room is sanitised completely leaving the room spotless and cleansed of any unpleasant smells.

Floor MachinesFloor spinning discs are used on tiled or linoleum flooring. Their abrasive discs get into the grouting and flooring without any damage and lift the dirt present. Water / suction vacuums can be used for all types of interior flooring and especially go hand in hand with floor spinning discs. They spray water with a brush system and simultaneously suck it up. This removes any dirt, grime and stains that might be present. 

Eco-friendly cleaning products – Our product range for cleaning is not only effective but also eco-friendly. We feel for high-traffic areas such as public toilets/bathrooms this is the most ideal. To us, using strong chemicals that are not healthy to inhale just doesn’t stick. Not only can we get the same result without the use of such chemicals, we also don’t have to worry about impeding people’s health in the process. It’s a win/win.


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Holly Curry
School principal in Dublin

Martin contacted me to offer his cleaning services saying that he can probably decrease our current cleaning costs. I gave him a chance since he did first trial clean for free. Then I booked an initial deep clean, which our entire team was very happy with. After that I needed little convincing to to proceed with regular cleanings from CleanBee since we don’t have to worry about hiring our own cleaning staff while at the same time we reduce our expenses.

Physiotherapy centre director & chief therapist in Leitrim

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Paula Conner
School principal in Dublin


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