Terms and conditions

By placing an order over the phone or via our website by email customers are bound to the following CleanBee.ie (owned by Oven Clean Eireann LTD) Terms and Conditions:
  • The customer accepts and understands that poor service, breakage/damage must be reported within 24 hours from service date. Failure to do so will entitle customer to no recovery cleanings.
  • CleanBee may require the presence of the customer or his/her representative in the beginning and at the end of the cleaning session as an inspection can be carried out and if any corrections, it should be made on the same day.
  • If customer or his/her representative is not in the position to carry out the inspection at the end of the completed job, the customer must report any complaints within 24h from completion of the service.
  • Once the customer will carry the inspection and if the job has been done to his/her satisfaction, the Satisfactory Declaration should be signed.
  • CleanBee may take up to 7 working days to respond to a complaint.
  • CleanBee will not accept a complaint based on an Inventory check report filed later than 24-hour after the cleaning session.
  • Complaints are accepted in writing text messaging/email/letter. Complaints must be reported on completion or in the following 24-hour.
  • Costumer understands that he/she is not entitled to any refunds nor refunds of the deposit taken without the discretion of CleanBee. Deposits paid on based on full value of booking, deposits used within the 6 months of cancellation need to be of same value of original booking
  • If the customer is not completely satisfied with a cleaning job, CleanBee will re-clean any areas and items to customer’s satisfaction, if reported in 24h after completion of job. CleanBee will send the same cleaner.
  •  In case of damage/not proper cleaning/unsatisfactory cleaning, the assigned responsibility transfers on Independent Cleaning Contractor (ICC) assigned by CleanBee.
  •  CleanBee may assist in communication process between the customer and independent cleaning contractor in case of complaint.
  • CleanBee do not hold any responsibility for the damage/ not proper cleaning.
  •  The customer is responsible to prepare the area for cleaning. Areas to be cleaned upon request should be emptied and ready for cleaning.
  • Only the areas placed on order form should be cleaned by the Independent Cleaning Contractor. 
  • In the case of deposits, once an appointment is confirmed (deposit has been charged) the customer is entitled to a free of charge re-scheduling date or a voucher of equal amount paid. In relation to receiving a refund, you must be classed as ‘eligible’ at CleanBee’s discretion.
    Deposits paid is valid for 6months from the date of 1st cancellation ( you can reschedule you booking within this time). After 6 months , a full new booking will need to be placed and new deposit paid.
  • In rare cases, due to unforeseen circumstances CleanBee may need to reschedule your booking, this is only when it is necessary and completely out of the control of CleanBee themselves.
  • CleanBee do not hold any responsibility for any extra service, provided by ICC which has been requested by the customer directly to ICC during the course of cleaning service.
  • Payments:

The full payment should be made after the completion of the service.

 Payment options:

  1. Payment can be made in cash on completion of the service.
  2. Payment can be made by bank transfer.
  3. Payment can be made with debit or credit card.
  4. All discount codes or vouchers, can only be applied when you book through the website www.cleanbee.ie  No discount codes or voucher can be used when booking through one of our customer service agents (CSA)

                 *We do not accept cheques.

The order will not be processed until the customer accept Terms and Conditions.