Hotel & Restaurant Cleaning

How we do it

Industrial steamers, floor spinning discs and water/suction vacuums along with eco-friendly cleaning products are used. All of these machines are emphasised in the clean given. For the following reasoning :

The steam from the steamers allow us to get in between grouts, around corners, around taps, tackle nearly all permanent stains, kill off nearly all bacteria, lift dirt from the surfaces. 

The floor spinning discs can be used on all floor tiles, wooden floors, linoleum and marble too. Using this machine we can really get into the grouts and clean away all the dirt present. Afterwards we change into the softer option of the machine to begin the polishing phase. We apply an anti-slip substance onto the surface and duff the whole area. This leaves the floors spotless and shining.

The water/suction vacuums are used on upholstery & carpet. These machines are simple but effective. They spray water and soak it up at the same time. This allows us to wash any area very thoroughly and efficiently.

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Holly Curry
School principal in Dublin

Booked CleanBee for the first time and immediately got hooked. We have their cleaners come a few times per week now. Very happy with the thorough and punctual service so far!

Restaurant owner in Galway

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Paula Conner
School principal in Dublin


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