We support Ukraine

We support Ukraine

And we choose our charities wisely.

NGO Blue/Yellow is one that has been helping Ukraine since 2014. Founded by the Swedish activist and former soldier Jonas Ohman and his Lithuanian team, it has a great network of connections within the Ukrainian military, providing them with exactly the type of military equipment they can use. It’s probably the most knowledgeable and useful Ukrainian charity out there. They know what the Ukrainian army needs.

Donations have soared since the invasion in February, reaching a whopping €17 million on 4th of March, 2022. That’s more than even some governments provide. In just over a week, Blue/Yellow have sent out or are in the process of sending thousands of pieces of:

  • sleeping bags
  • military gear
  • helmets
  • optical devices
  • satelite phones
  • bulletproof vests
  • portable radio stations
  • as well as 20 vehicles

As a socially responsible business, CleanBee is willing to contribute. At our own expense, we’ll be sending €5 from every appointment to Blue/Yellow at least for the whole of March.

Weekly reports will be posted on our Facebook page.

We also invite you to donate any amount yourself at:

We are also sending money to a kindergarten in Zaporizhzhia which makes food and delivers it to the Ukrainian army.


Donation week #1: €410
Donation week #2: €340
Donation week #3: €480
Donation week #4: €425
Donation week #5: €540
Donation week #6: €541
Donation week #7: €483
Donation week #8: €536

News report on Lithuanian national TV on March 3, 2022.